Richard Rutledge and John Rawlings – 1958

Lucinda Hollingsworth Photo  Richard Rutledge 1958

Photo Richard Rutledge 1958

Appearing in the April 1958 Vogue, this photograph by Richard Rutledge established the latest sensation in natural-looking highlights, dubbed Blue Lightning by Clairol. By posing a strikingly made-up model leaning over a glass table, Rutledge centers the focus on her face and hair.

Photo Richard Rutledge

Photograph by John Rawlings Faberge Egg, Vogue, 1958

Lucinda Hollingsworth Photograph by John Rawlings Faberge Egg, Vogue, 1958

In this glowing photograph by John Rawlings, the model acts merely as a frame for the Fabergé egg, which emits a radiant shower of light. The gold and jewels found in the piece are echoed in the model’s collar necklace, which is made of square-cut emeralds and round diamonds and is paired with a matching ring. The evocative image appeared in the December 1, 1958, Vogue.

Photo John Rawlings

Lucinda Hollingsworth November 1954

White on white makes quite the style statement. Standing againt a wall, a model sports a bathing suit by Carolyn Schnurer. Honey-beige in color, slightly crinkled, and trimmed in white, it is offset by a straw bag and sunglasses. The model’s rapt expression and natural pose give this work a particular energy. Clifford Coffin’s photograph appeared in the November 15, 1954, Vogue.

Photo Clifford Coffin

Lucinda Hollingsworth at Pleasurephoto Room