McLaughlin-Gill 1952 famous Fashion Shot

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Photo Frances McLaughlin-Gill

1952 famous Fashion Shot

in New York City, New York State, USA

Eleven women model fashions in tones of green and blue.

Cherry Nelms (in window), Carol McCallson in round doorway), Nina de Voogt (with sunglasses), Sunny Harnett (in black squared skirt), Evelyn Tripp (foreground with hat in lap), Janet Randy (foreground on bench in green dress), Nan Rees (in shorts), Theo Graham in green dress next to Sunny, Sue Jenks reading a book.from Sophia note

© Frances McLaughlin-Gill 

 bn gill glamouros fashion shot

Photo Clifford Coffin

Model Janet Randy  Clifford Coffin 15 feb 1952 Vogue Cover copia

Model Janet Randy  

15 feb 1952 Vogue Cover

Photo Clifford Coffin