The Ford Model Agency


The Ford Model Agency,

Dorian Leigh  1948

© Nina Leen


The Ford Model Agency

Joan Pedersen 2nd girl from the right ,

on third row from the bottom, with choker necklace

© Nina Leen


© Nina Leen


Eileen Ford conducting her job of running the Ford Model Agency,

while model Joan Pedersen entertains Ford’s daughter 1948

© Nina Leen

7 pensieri su “The Ford Model Agency

  1. Ciao Maurice,
    The top photo is of Dorian Leigh (as a blonde) not Joan…this is when she first started her own model agency, though it didn’t last…she later started a model agency in Paris, which did well for a number of years.


  2. The models in Ford model agency photo: (unk = unknown)
    Bottom row, left to right: Marilyn Ambrose, unk, Jean Patchett, unk.
    Second row l to r: Barbara Mullen,unk, Betty Bridges, Jerry Ford, unk, Lucille Lewis.
    Third row: Unk, unk, unk, Eileen Ford, unk, Joan Pedersen, Sandra Nelson.
    Top row: all unknown.

    The model washing dishes is Joan Pedersen.

  3. Joan Pedersen is not in that group photo. I know. I’m her son. She was delighted to see the photo of her in the kitchen, however. She’s still going strong at 93.


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